• Graphic Designers

    Education:University Degree
    Service hotline:400-6698-777

    一、Job responsibilities

    1、Check whether there are surplus materials in the previous shift and whether the inspection instruments are qualified;

    2、Check the tank number according to the grinding record;

    3、Be responsible for the color, viscosity and fineness of each can of paint;

    4、Fill in the operation records carefully according to the formula requirements;

    5、Be responsible for the maintenance of the operation site and equipment responsibility area, and clean the equipment and site sanitation before work every day。

    6、Prepare customized products on time;

    7、Complete other work assigned by the workshop on time。

    二、Job requirements

    1、High school or technical secondary school or above, major in chemical engineering, excellent fresh students are also welcome, paint mixing experience is preferred;

    2、Be able to handle abnormal situations in the production process;

    3、Be able to complete the work of the team and fill in various records;

    4、Master various indicators of paint mixing post control;

    5、Good products, no bad records, and agree with the company's values and corporate culture。

  • Receptionist

    Education:University Degree
    Service hotline:400-6698-777

    一、Job responsibilities

    1、Assist the product manager to test the test scheme;

    2、Assist product manager to prepare samples and samples for customers;

    3、Assist product manager in product development and inspection。

    二、Job requirements

    1、Bachelor degree or above, major in Applied Chemistry, chemistry, polymer chemistry, material chemistry, etc;

    2、The age requirement is between 20 and 40 years old;

    3、Experience in coating R & D or technical service is preferred;

    4、Strong communication skills and plasticity.

  • Sales Manager

    Education:University Degree
    Service hotline:400-6698-777

    一、 Job responsibilities

    1、Experience in R & D of one or more resins such as alkyd, acrylic acid, polyester and silicone, and can independently design resin formula and experimental research;

    2、Ability to test the application performance of resin products and their simple finished paints;

    3、Resin formula has a certain understanding and understanding in practical production。

    二、Job requirements:

    1、Bachelor degree or above, with strong working ability and experience, the degree can be extended to college;

    2、Major in Applied Chemistry, chemistry, polymer chemistry, material chemistry and other chemistry;

    3、The age requirement is between 20 and 40 years old;

    4、Experience in resin R & D is preferred;

    5、Strong communication skills and high professional ethics。


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