The company always adheres to & ldquo; Integrity, innovation, professionalism, gratitude and customer value & rdquo; Adhere to the core values of the enterprise, adhere to the high standard of products, and organize engineering and technical talents with professional ability and rich construction experience to provide customers with all-round and professional coating schemes and product services!

Look forward to service and win-win future with customers!



Orders are orders. Completing orders on time is our best answer to customers. Jingjian paint promises to deliver conventional inventory products at any time,For customized products, we promise to deliver them within 3 days to meet various needs of customers.

Combined with the actual situation, Jingjian paint has built a unique B2B e-commerce platform, which can be operated anytime, anywhere, without time and space constraints, making the order faster and more convenient. After the online order is confirmed, the manufacturer will receive the order within 10 minutes. The whole system process is open, transparent, safe and timely from order placing and review to subsequent production and delivery, and then to final receipt verification and order query.


Three branches, four marketing centers, six storage bases and more than 300 marketing outlets have been established nationwide < / span > to provide rich products and professional coating supporting services for the ten industrial application fields of aerospace, rail transit, equipment manufacturing, vehicle transportation, energy and chemical industry, metallurgical power, infrastructure construction, floor protection, real estate construction, bridges and tunnels.


Our after-sales service principle is:If you are not satisfied, you can guarantee to return and replace. If you complain about customers, you can solve them within 7 days in the province; Solve within 10 days outside the province; The complaint resolution rate is guaranteed to be 100%。

According to the user's requirements, we provide the reference of coating construction scheme, and can solve problems at the construction site according to the user's needs, and provide free technical services.

 In order to ensure that the coating system of the product meets the requirements, we will send technicians to the site from time to time to provide services for coating, and appropriately adjust the coating construction conditions according to the site environmental conditions to ensure that the coating quality meets the requirements.

In addition, in order to solve the customer's worries about using the built paint products, our company insures the product quality and its liability in the people's Property Insurance Co., Ltd. of China, so as to ensure that the goods are delivered to the designated place on time according to the user's requirements.


Ensure that the supplied products are consistent with the contents and samples of the instructions, meet the company's quality standards, and fully meet the technical specifications and quality requirements of the tenderee's production needs< span style="color:#e74c3c;"> The quality problems shall be solved within seven days from the date of receiving the user's complaint.

For the quality problems in the sales process of products within the warranty period (from the date of production), you shall return them unconditionally after identification and confirmation; for the quality problems in the construction process, your company shall send a letter (fax or e-mail) notify the company that it is indeed a product quality problem after being identified by the quality inspection department or authoritative organization, and the company shall bear the corresponding economic losses; for the products beyond the warranty period, the company can actively deal with them according to the actual situation.

The company's products are underwritten by Xingping branch of the people's Insurance Company of China.



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